Senior Islamic Jihad terrorist to Iranian TV: Soleimani transformed Gaza terrorists into a powerful army

In an interview granted to an Iranian TV channel, senior Islamic Jihad terrorist Ziad al Kakhaleh said that eliminated arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani transferred missiles to Gaza and technology to build them.

The senior jihadist said that Soleimani oversaw the instruction of Muslim terrorists who left Gaza to receive training for making missiles and bombs, and he was present in operational command of 2008, 1012 and 2014 wars against Israel.

” It wasn’t enough for him to send us readied missiles. In fact, he would send us the technology to build these missiles,” the Muslim terrorist said.

“As a result, today Gaza can proudly say it has thousands of missiles. Missiles that can hit all Zionist cities [Israel]. This technological capability is an Iranian capability that was prepared by our brothers [in terrorism] in the Revolutionary Guards [terror group],” he said.

“Soleimani transformed the Palestinian movement [Gaza terrorists] from a few underground military [Muslim terror groups] to a powerful army that has all types of weapons and enjoys various capabilities”, the senior jihadist added.

Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s extra-territorial terror group Quds Force chief, was eliminated last December in a drone strike at Baghdad International Airport. Israeli intelligence was reportedly used in the targeted elimination.

Soleimani and his terrorists were responsible for the deaths of hundreds of  Israelis, Americans and coalition soldiers and the wounding of thousands more.

Known as Iran’s “shadow commander,” Soleimani — who had led the Quds Force since 1998 — was the mastermind of Iranian terrorism abroad.

During the Iraq war, it was Soleimani’s units that provided Iraqi terrorists with specially made bombs that could penetrate armor, a deadly weapon against American forces.