Coronavirus: Israel requires quarantine from several countries – 15 infected, 2,000 high school students isolated

BREAKING: Israel’s Ministry of Health issued new directives to fight the spread of coronavirus and will order citizens returning from France, Germany, Spain, Austria and Switzerland to enter a two-week quarantine, in addition to Asian countries and Italy that were already included in the isolation guidance.

Non-Israelis from the banned countries will not be allowed to enter Israel.

Israel’s health ministry will also ban public gatherings with over 5,000 people.

PM Netanyahu said in a press conference that he will be the first to refrain from shaking hands and asked the public to do the same.

The press conference took place after it was determined that hundreds more Israelis are likely to enter isolation on after it was discovered that a newly diagnosed coronavirus patient attended a soccer game at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv.
The ministry announced late Tuesday that three more Israelis had tested positive for the virus, bringing the number of confirmed cases in the country to 15.

Among the three new cases found are a female soldier who works part-time in the Red Pirate toy store in Or Yehuda and a customer who spent 15 minutes in the store.

The customer is the deputy principal of an elementary school outside Tel Aviv. As a result, some of the school staff are among a growing number of people now instructed to remain quarantined, as the deputy principal also teaches 27 fifth-graders.

Both contracted the virus from the store manager who returned from northern Italy last week.

The third new case is a person who returned from Italy last week but has remained in self-quarantine at home.

“All of the instructions provided by the Health Ministry have prevented the disease from spreading,” said Education Minister Rafi Peretz. “Schools and school principals are receiving clear instructions – we are not leaving anyone to deal with this on their own.

“The decision to put these students in isolation was made by the Health Ministry,” he continued, noting that the Education Ministry would continue to follow the Health Ministry’s recommendation “in hopes that these actions will prevent wider spread.”