Afghanistan: 8 Muslim terrorists eliminated in US airstrike after Taliban attacks

BREAKING: Eight Taliban terrorists were eliminated in a US airstrike in Afghanistan, after at least 20 Afghan soldiers and policemen were murdered in attacks across the country, following the announcement of a breakthrough in peace talks with the al-Qaeda-linked terror group.

The Taliban terrorists “were actively attacking an Afghan National Security Forces checkpoint. This was a defensive strike to disrupt the attack,” said Colonel Sonny Leggett, a spokesman for the U.S. Forces in Afghanistan in a tweet.

He said Washington was committed to peace but would defend Afghan forces if needed.

“Taliban leadership promised the international community they would reduce violence and not increase attacks. We call on the Taliban to stop needless attacks and uphold their commitments,” he said.

The airstrike was the first by the United States against the Taliban terror group in 11 days, ahead of the agreement that lead to Saturday’s pact.

The United States and its NATO allies signed a landmark deal with the al-Qaeda-linked Taliban terror group, laying out a timetable for a full troop withdrawal from Afghanistan within 14 months, officials said in a joint US-Afghan declaration issued in Kabul.

Since the US-led operation that ousted the Taliban terror group after the September 11 attacks, America has spent more than $1 trillion in fighting and rebuilding in Afghanistan.

President Trump has promised to put an end to the conflict in which about 2,400 have been killed, along with unknown tens of thousands of Afghan troops and civilians.