IDF shoots down Gaza drone flying abnormally over the sea

BREAKING: Israeli jets downed a drone that took off from Gaza and was flying abnormally over the Mediterranean sea.

An F-15 jet shot down the unmanned aircraft likely belonging to Hamas terrorists. The drone was shot down 7-8 miles off Gaza’s coast while flying at 1700 feet.

Normally, the IDF does not interfere with drones flying over Gaza unless they approach the border or fly at especially high altitudes.

Overnight, IDF troops opened fire on a group of Muslim terrorists who were approaching the security border fence in central Gaza near Kissufim, in order to infiltrate into Israeli territory and murder Jews.

This week the Islamic Jihad terror group fired more than 100 rockets towards southern Israel since Sunday. In response, Israel targeted Islamic Jihad terror targets in both Syria and Gaza, eliminating three Muslim terrorists.