US: Bomb threats sent to dozens of Jewish community centers

More than 50 bomb threats have been made against Jewish community centers throughout New York recently.

The threats were emailed to members belonging to at least 19 Jewish community centers in New York and to several other community centers across the country.

A spokesperson for Governor Andrew Cuomo said that it’s believed the threats are part of a large series of threats made nationally against Jewish community centers.

The threats were emails to separate individuals but it is unclear if the specific individual was being targeted.

In Albany, the Jewish community center was evacuated by over 100 people. Police swept the building and no bomb was found but the facility remained closed.

“NY has zero tolerance for anti-Semitism – we won’t let hate and fear win,” Governor Cuomo tweeted.

“We’ve had about 42 incidents of anti-Semitism in this state this past couple of months so it’s not getting better. It’s only getting worse,” Cuomo said during a press conference outside the Albany facility.