Syria: Israeli fighter jets bomb Islamic Jihad terror targets in Damascus

BREAKING: Israeli fighter jets bombed Islamic Jihad terror targets in Syria. The IDF confirms striking Islamic Jihad terror targets in both Gaza and Syria.

“BREAKING: We just struck Islamic Jihad terror targets in both Syria & Gaza in response to rockets fired at Israeli civilians today”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

The Islamic Jihad terror group denied the reports of an attack on its terrorists or its terror facilities in Syria. However, hours later, the terror group announced that two of their Muslim terrorists were eliminated in the strikes.

They were identified as 24-year-old Salim Ahmed Salim and 23-year-old Ahmed Mansour.

Arabs report explosions heard and “hostile” aircraft seen over Damascus.

Initial reports indicate that Damascus International Airport was the target of the strikes.

Unconfirmed reports claim that the target of the strikes was a senior Islamic Jihad terrorist.

According to Arab reports, at least seven missiles hit a terror infrastructure belonging to the Islamic Jihad terror group.

Simultaneously, the IDF is bombing Islamic Jihad terror targets in Gaza in response to massive barrages of rockets fired by Muslim terrorists towards southern Israel tonight.

Earlier today, the IDF deployed additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries in central and southern Israel as preparation for a possible escalation and rocket attacks following the elimination of two Islamic Jihad terrorists who were planting bombs near the security border fence.

“A day that started with another (2nd in 4 days) failed Islamic Jihad attack against Israel, with dozens of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza, ended with an IDF strike on key Islamic Jihad targets in Damascus. Whatever the night brings, we are ready”, IDF international spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus tweeted shortly after the retaliatory strikes.