Watch: Prayer to exterminate ‘every Jew’ at Palestinian funeral

Israel continues to hand back bodies of terrorists killed during attacks on Israelis, despite warnings that the subsequent funerals are used as platforms to incite and indoctrinate further attacks. This, despite a Security Cabinet decision last month to withhold the bodies of slain terrorists, in order to avoid the inevitable “terror rallies” such funerals become.

Those fears have been repeatedly backed by evidence from terrorists’ funerals, at which “mourners” regularly brandish weapons, lionize the slain terrorists and their actions, and openly encourage the murder of Jews.

That is precisely what occurred last Monday, during the funeral for two terrorist gunmen who opened fire on Israeli soldiers as they carried out a demolition order against the home of Mohammed Abu Shahin, who murdered hiker Danny Gonen in cold blood last June.

Two of the three terrorists killed in that exchange of gunfire with the IDF – Laith Manasrah and Abu Al-Aish – were buried the very next evening. Their funeral was broadcast live on Palestinian Authority TV, complete with calls to violence and glorification of terrorism.

During the funeral, one unidentified speaker went even further, calling to “wipe out every last Jew.”

“[Allah,] do justice to the oppressed against the oppressors, and give them victory over the tyrants, O Master of the Universe. Strike the Jews, count them and kill them to the last one, and don’t leave even one,” he can be heard saying over a megaphone.

The footage was translated by Palestinian Media Watch, and released today (Monday), after four consecutive terrorist attacks left one Israeli dead and several others wounded.

While Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continues to promise tough action against the terrorists and their supporters, including family members, there is as yet no indication that the government will fulfill its commitment to withhold the bodies of terrorists, at least until the remain of IDF soldiers held by Hamas in Gaza are similarly returned for burial – a condition the soldiers’ family members and many right-wing politicians are demanding.