9 South Korean tourists infected with coronavirus visited Israel

BREAKING: At least 9 South Korean tourists who visited Israel in February have tested positive for the coronavirus, Israel’s Health Ministry says.

The South Koreans were in Israel from February 8-15. They were part of a group of 77 tourists on a trip organized by a Catholic church.

All the members of the group have already returned to South Korea. It is unknown whether they were infected with the virus before or after arriving in Israel.

According to the Ministry’s guidelines, close contact includes being less than two meters away from one of the tourists for a time period of 15 minutes.
Those who interacted with the tourists, without meeting the criteria of close contact, are not required to be placed in isolation. They are, however, required to be alert in the event that they develop symptoms like fever, cough and other respiratory difficulties and inform the Ministry about it immediately.
The Health Ministry released the group’s schedule so citizens can check if they were in contact with the group. The group visited the city of Caesarea, Masada, Mount Olives, Mount Zion, the national park in Beersheba,  as well as several churches and other places.
Sheba Medical Center has robots monitoring patients to help reduce the amount of time the nurses or other medical staff spend with quarantined patients.