First case of coronavirus confirmed in Israel

BREAKING: Israel’s Health Ministry confirms one of the Israeli passengers evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship off Japan, has been infected with the coronavirus.

Eleven passengers released from the Diamond Princess are quarantined at Sheba Medical Center. They will be held for two weeks to determine their condition and prevent possible contamination.

Sheba Medica Center will have robots that will monitor patients to help reduce the amount of time the nurses or other medical staff will need to spend with the quarantined patients.

People who are infected with the coronavirus don’t necessarily show symptoms, but could still spread the disease.

There were 15 Israelis aboard the Diamond Princess. The ship, with some 3,700 passengers and crew, has been in quarantine since 3 February.

Four of the 15 Israeli passengers who contracted the virus were taken off the ship to a Japanese hospital for further treatment.