Germany: Kurds murdered in neo-Nazi massacre at hookah bars in Hanau

Nine people were murdered and five others were seriously wounded overnight when a Nazi terrorist stormed a shisha lounge in the German town of Hanau, spraying bullets at people inside. Then he went to another part of the city and targeted people in another hookah bar.

Victims of the neo-Nazi shooting rampage were of Kurdish descent, local media reports.

Witnesses and CCTV footage of the terrorist’s getaway car led authorities quickly to his home in the Kesselstadt distric, near the scene of the second attack.

The 43-year-old German national was found dead at his home next to his elderly mother and a confessional note and a video expressing Nazi views.

The terrorist’s father was led away in handcuffs from the apartment, but police say he had no involvement in the shootings.

According to local reports, the Nazi terrorist wrote a 24-page letter claiming Muslim migrants living in Germany must be “exterminated as their expulsion can no longer be achieved”.

In a video posted online a few days ago, the Nazi terrorist delivered a ‘personal message to all Americans’ in which he rambled about devil-worship and child sexual abuse in ‘underground military bases’.

He also claimed the US is being run by ‘secret societies’, urging Americans to ‘gather people together and storm these bases’. ‘Fight now’, he says.