3 Israelis test positive for coronavirus on quarantined cruise ship off Japan

BREAKING: Three Israelis on board the quarantined cruise ship “Diamond Princess” docking off Yokohama tested positive for coronavirus and have been hospitalized in Japan.

“Japan authorities this morning reported that three Israelis on the Diamond Princess ship anchored in Japan were found to have tested positive for the coronavirus and according to the report we received, their condition is light. Several passengers are still undergoing testing. the Ministry of Health is in direct contact with the authorities in Japan, the World Health Organization and other relevant bodies” the Ministry said in a statement.

The three infected were transferred to a hospital in Japan to receive treatment. An Israeli specialist doctor will be in direct contact with the relevant parties in Japan and accompany them in the medical process.

Another 70 people on the Diamond Princess have tested positive today, bringing the total to 355.

The ship was placed under quarantine on February 4 and it isn’t scheduled to be lifted until February 19.

About 3,700 people are aboard the cruise, which has a crew of 1,100 and a passenger capacity of 2,670. Passengers are confined to cabins and required to wear masks and keep their distance from each other when they are allowed out for brief periods on open decks.

The US embassy in Japan announced on Saturday that more than 400 US nationals would be flown home from the quarantined Diamond Princess.

It comes as China’s National Health Commission announced the death toll inside the country had risen to 1,665, with 68,500 infections.