Bombs launched by Muslim terrorists explode over Ashkelon, Sderot

Explosive devices launched by Muslim terrorists in Gaza exploded in the air over Ashkelon, Sderot, Nitzanim, and Zikim.

No injuries reported.

In addition, bombs attached to balloons landed near Or Haner, Kibbutz Nirim and Shoket Junction. Police sappers were called to the scenes, secured the area and safely neutralized the devices.

Large batches of bombs attached to balloons are currently being launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israeli territory.


Yesterday, a rocket was fired by Muslim terrorists in Gaza towards southern Israel. A Code Red alert was activated in the Home Front Command app for open areas only.

Another two rockets fell short and exploded inside Gaza.

At least 80 bombs attached to balloons were launched yesterday by Muslim terrorists, landing at several locations in southern Israel.

PM Netanyahu warned the terrorists in Gaza: “We are preparing a surprise for Hamas if they don’t stop the rockets and IED balloons. It’s only a matter of time. This will be a very different response, remember what I said.”

Defense Minister Naftali Bennett said on Sunday after a briefing in the Gaza Division that the deadly action against Hamas terrorists will be very different from those that preceded it and that “no one will be immune”.