Israel halts communications gear to Gaza after Hamas steals equipment to restore terror network

BREAKING: The COGAT announced that it was halting the transfer of telecommunications equipment into Gaza after the Hamas terror group stole 15 million shekels worth equipment from the Pal Tel phone company to rebuild its communications system after it was damaged in Israeli strikes.

According to sources, Izz al-Din al-Qassam terrorists broke into the company’s warehouse last week, stealing the communications equipment.

The equipment, including copper cables, routers, and hubs, was loaded onto trucks and transferred to Hamas’ facility.

Sources said that this is the second incident of a break-in into the Pal Tel warehouses by Hamas terrorists, who are working to improve an elaborate communications system in the terror tunnels, and repair infrastructure damaged by Israeli airstrikes.

Hamas’ police launched a fictitious investigation into the incident while concealing the break-in for several days.

Since Israel bombed Hamas terror tunnels, especially during its counterterrorism operation of Khan Yunis in November, Hamas has been working to restore its communications system.