Thai massacre: Shooter kills a cop, injures another in shootout with special forces and disappears

BREAKING: A terrorist who murdered at least 20 people in a shooting rampage in Thailand, killed one special forces serviceman, injured another and disappeared from the mall where he holed himself up, after a shootout with special forces.

The terrorist entered into a shootout with special forces in a multi-story car parking at the mall. He shot at a gas cylinder, setting it on fire, and disappeared from the building.

The terrorist, an army soldier, took hostages on the fourth floor of the Terminal 21 mall in Korat, a city 155 miles northeast of Bangkok.

Police and soldiers stormed the mall and helped hundreds of people to escape.

He first killed his commander and two others, stole a Humvee from his base and then proceeded to drive around the province’s Korat City on a shooting spree.

According to reports, the terrorist also fired on a Buddhist temple en route.

Wearing a military helmet and uniform, he said in one chilling Facebook Live video that he was exhausted from shooting his victims during the massacre.