Thailand: At least 20 murdered in shooting massacre at a mall – Manhunt underway

BREAKING: At least 20 people have been murdered and 31 wounded after a terrorist went on a shooting rampage in Thailand.

The terrorist, an army soldier, took hostages on the fourth floor of the Terminal 21 mall in Korat, a city 155 miles northeast of Bangkok.

Police and soldiers stormed the mall and helped hundreds of people to escape but the 32-year-old terrorist is still at large inside.

He first killed his commander and two others, stole a Humvee from his base and then proceeded to drive around the province’s Korat City on a shooting spree.

According to reports, the terrorist also fired on a Buddhist temple en route.

The terrorist streamed his activities in the mall on Facebook Live and took a selfie holding a rifle.

Wearing a military helmet and uniform, he said in one chilling video that he was exhausted from shooting his victims during the ongoing massacre.

Some posts included crying laughing emojis. Another post read: “Should I give up?”

He said: “I’m tired now. I can’t move my finger anymore.”

He also posted a picture of a revolver with the caption: ‘It is time to get excited.’

The Facebook page was taken offline a few moments later.

Prior to the attack, the terrorist posted several messages: “Getting rich from corruption and taking advantage of other people, do they think they can bring money with them to spend in hell?”