Rockets fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza at civilians in southern Israel

BREAKING: Once again, rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists in Gaza towards southern Israel.

Code Red rocket alert sirens sounded in Sderot, Ibim, Gavim, Sapir College, Nir Am, Or HaNer, Erez.

“Another rocket was just fired from Gaza into Israel. The Iron Dome intercepted it mid-air. That’s a total of 7 projectiles fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians in the last 24 hours”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

Arabs report additional rockets fired towards Kissufim. No Code Red alerts.

Local residents report an explosion in Kissufim.

Additional Code Red alert sirens sounded Friday night in Nir Itzhak and Sufa.  Two explosions heard, at least one Iron Dome interception reported.

The IDF confirms one rocket fired from Gaza that impacted an open area.

The IDF closed all fishing zones in Gaza, according to Arab reports.

Earlier, Muslim terrorists succeeded in detonating a bomb attached to balloons over this area.

IDF tanks fired shells towards a Hamas terror post in response to at least three rockets fired this morning towards southern Israel.

In addition, IDF troops opened fire on a group of Muslim terrorists who were approaching the security border fence with northern Gaza in order to infiltrate into Israeli territory and murder Jews.