IDF opens fire on Muslim terrorists attempting to invade Israel from Gaza

BREAKING: IDF troops opened fire on a group of Muslim terrorists who were approaching the security border fence with northern Gaza in order to infiltrate into Israeli territory and murder Jews.

According to Arab reports, at least one terrorist is in serious condition.

Arabs report additional IDF fire towards a Hamas post near Jabaliya.

Unconfirmed reports of sniper fire towards IDF troops on the northern border with Gaza. The troops responded with fire towards the terrorists.

A number of Muslim terrorists were reportedly wounded in the fire exchange.

No injuries reported among the IDF.

A few minutes ago, IDF tanks fired shells towards a Hamas terror post in response to at least three rockets fired towards southern Israel.

Arabs report additional IDF fire towards a Hamas terror post near Jabaliya.

“A short while ago, three mortar shells were launched from Gaza towards Israeli territory. In response, an IDF tank targeted a Hamas military post in southern Gaza”, the IDF said.