Shin Bet uncovers 2 Muslim terrorists spying for Hamas from Lod and Tel Aviv

Shin Bet uncovers 2 Muslim terrorists spying for Hamas from Lod and Tel Aviv

BREAKING – Cleared for publication: In a joint operation, the Shin Bet and the Israeli Police uncovered a terror cell in Israeli territory and arrested two Israeli Arabs who were spying for Hamas.

Muslim terrorists Rami al-Amoudi (30) and Rajab Dakah (34), both Israeli Arabs from Lod and Tel Aviv, have family in Gaza.

They were gathering intelligence for terror attacks against Israeli targets including military bases, police facilities, Iron Dome batteries location and locations where rockets launched from Gaza impacted.

Al-Amoudi was born to an Israeli Arab mother and Gazan father and lived in Khan Younis with his father’s family until November 2019 when he moved to Tel Aviv.

Dakah, also born to an Israeli Arab mother from Lod, has been working on Israeli documentation since 2017 on grounds of his mother’s citizenship.

Shin Bet uncovers 2 Israeli Arabs spying for Hamas in Lod and Tel Aviv (2)

He visited his wife and five children in Gaza every few months in the last years.

Hamas took advantage of the fact that Israeli civilians could enter Gaza to visit their family, and recruited them to the terror group, the Shin Bet said.

They were asked to purchase cell phones and SIM cards in order to contact their Hamas handlers.

“Hamas in Gaza continues to cynically exploit the Erez crossing between Gaza and Israel for the promotion of terror in Israel,” the Shin Bet said in a statement.

“The Shin Bet will continue to work with its partner, the Israeli police, to monitor and thwart any hostile espionage activities by terrorist organizations in Gaza.”