Netanyahu en route to Trump meeting: “Together we’ll make history”

Netanyahu en route to Trump meeting: "Together we'll make history"

President Trump’s peace plan will advance Israel’s interests, PM Netanyahu said at Ben-Gurion Airport prior to his departure for Washington. “We will make history,” he said. 

“Five years ago, I went to the Congress in Washington because I was compelled to stand up against a plan brought by an American president because I believed such a plan would endanger the vital interests of the State of Israel and its very existence.

Today, I leave for Washington to stand alongside an American president, who is offering a plan, which I believe will advance our vital interests. Over the past three years, I have spoken countless times with President Trump, a huge friend of Israel, and with his staff, about our vital interests, our security, and our justice. I am going to meet with President Trump tomorrow. On Tuesday, together with him, we will make history.”

Yesterday, Netanyahu said he expected President Trump’s peace plan for the Middle East to be historic ahead of his trip to Washington. “An opportunity such as this comes once in history and cannot be missed.”