3 Muslim terrorists shot and eliminated after throwing a bomb at IDF forces near the Gaza border

3 Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated after throwing a bomb at IDF forces near the Gaza border

BREAKING: IDF troops opened fire on a group of Muslim terrorists who were approaching the security border fence in central Gaza and threw an explosive device at an IDF force.

In response to the attack, IDF troops opened fire and three terrorists were eliminated.

There are no casualties among the IDF.

“We just identified 3 terrorists who crossed the security fence from Gaza into Israel. After our soldiers arrived at the scene, the terrorists hurled an explosive device at them. In response, our soldiers opened fire at the terrorists. Hits were identified,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

The IDF released footage of the Muslim terrorists throwing an explosive device towards IDF soldiers.

Southern Command later confirmed that the terrorists managed to infiltrate 400 meters into Israel before being shot and eliminated.

Earlier today, the IDF opened fire toward another Muslim terrorist who approached the security border fence east of Gaza city.

Gaza: 4 Muslim terrorists blew themselves up while preparing bombs to launch towards Israel

Earlier today, four Muslim terrorists blew themselves up in a powerful “mysterious” jihadi workplace accident in Khan Yunis, while preparing explosive devices to launch towards Israel.

Large batches bombs attached to balloons are currently being launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza into Israeli territory.