Senior IRGC terror group commander: Iran will take harsher revenge soon

Senior IRGC terror group commander Iran will take harsher revenge soon

A senior Revolutionary Guard terror group commander said Iran will take “harsher revenge soon” for the US elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani, Iranian news agency Tasnim reported.

The agency was quoting senior terrorist Abdollah Araghi, speaking after Trump said on Wednesday that Iran appeared to be “standing down” after launching missile strikes that did not harm any US troops in Iraq.

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In a separate report, Tasnim quoted deputy IRGC chief, Ali Fadavi, as saying Iranian missile attacks on US targets were a display of Iran’s military power and said US forces “couldn’t do a damn thing”.

President Trump and PM Netanyahu discussed critical bilateral and regional issues in a call on Wednesday.

Later on Wednesday, three Katyusha rockets launched by Iranian-proxy terrorists exploded in the fortified Green Zone area of Baghdad, which houses foreign embassies, including the US Embassy, and Iraqi government buildings.

Tuesday night, 15 ballistic missiles were fired from Iran across Iraq in a series of coordinated attacks on US forces in retaliation for the elimination of arch-terrorist Qassem Soleimani.

Iran threatened that if there is retaliation for the two waves of attacks they launched, their third wave will destroy Dubai and Haifa.