Iraq: Rockets fired by Iranian proxy terrorists hit base hosting US forces near Baghdad

Iraq: Rockets fired by Iran-backed terrorists hit base hosting US troops

BREAKING: Four rockets launched by Iranian proxy terrorists hit a base housing US troops near Baghdad, shortly after US forces drone-bombed headquarters of the Iran-backed Kataib Hezbollah terror group near the Syria-Iraq border, eliminating 25 Muslim terrorists and wounding 35 others. 

“Four Katyusha rockets exploded in the evening around the huge Taji Iraqi military base… which houses American soldiers, without causing casualties,” an Iraqi official said.

US officials confirmed that American forces conducted defensive strikes in Iraq and Syria against five Kataib Hezbollah terror group targets, in response to recent attacks against US-led coalition forces.

All US forces in the region are on high alert for a possible response.

A barrage of more than 10 rockets was fired on Friday by Iranian proxy terrorists into the K1 military base near Kirkuk, which houses US military forces. A US defense contractor was killed and several US troops were wounded in the attack.

The day before, the US embassy in Iraq reportedly evacuated its key diplomats in anticipation of “unconventional events”.

Israel has bombed the al-Bukamal area on Syria’s border with Iraq several times in the past months.