Russia: Muslim terrorist eliminated after storming FSB HQ in central Moscow

Russia 3 Muslim terrorists eliminated after storming FSB HQ in central Moscow

BREAKING: A Muslim terrorist armed with a Kalashnikov rifle attempted to storm the lobby at FSB headquarters in central Moscow and opened fire at Russian forces before being shot and eliminated.

The shooting was committed by a lone terrorist, the FSB press service said, dismissing media reports that the terrorist managed to penetrate the premises of the FSB building.

Earlier reports of at least three Muslim terrorists storming into the FSB office and engaging in a firefight with the officers turned out to be inaccurate as well.

The FSB confirmed that one of its officers was murdered in the terror attack.

Earlier, Russia’s Health Ministry said two officers were critically injured during the shooting – yet it remained unclear whether the deceased is one of them.

Gunfire can be heard in several videos from the scene.

The footage also shows multiple law enforcement officers in full gear and ambulances.

The area is popular with Moscow citizens and tourists for its restaurants, high-end shops and various attractions for the holidays. Civilians have apparently not deemed the incident to be too serious, as footage from the scene shows them casually strolling past crouching law enforcement officers armed with assault rifles and peeking out of cafe windows.