Armed Muslim terrorist eliminated by IDF drone after attempting to invade Israel from Gaza

BREAKING: IDF forces identified an armed Muslim terrorist who was approaching the security border fence in order to invade Israel from southern Gaza. An IDF drone eliminated the threat.

The IDF warned Red Crescent crews who attempted to recover the carcass and drag it into Gaza, to stay away from the border fence.

“Our soldiers just spotted an armed terrorist from Gaza approaching the security fence with Israel. An IDF aircraft targeted the terrorist. A hit was identified”, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit tweeted.

“This is the moment an armed terrorist attempted to infiltrate into Israel from Gaza earlier tonight. His objective was to murder Israeli families living less than a mile away. We stopped him before he could”, the IDF added.

The eliminated terrorist has been identified as Abdullah Abu Netzer, from Khan Yunis.

On Sunday, IDF forces arrested a Muslim terrorist who sabotaged the security border fence and invaded Israel from Gaza, near Nahal Oz. The terrorist was arrested near the crossing point and taken by security forces for questioning.