US: Jews attacked by anti-Semitic Muslima while shouting ‘allahu akbar’ on NYC Subway

US: Jews attacked by anti-Semitic Muslima while shouting 'allahu akbar' on NYC Subway

An Israeli woman and an elderly Orthodox Jew were attacked on a New York subway train by a Muslim woman who shouted “allahu akbar” and said that “it’s good they killed Jews in New Jersey”, just days after the black supremacist attack targeting a kosher grocery.

Lihi Aharon, an Israeli Jewish woman got onto the train and noticed a woman spreading her belongings onto several seats of the busy train. She asked the woman if she could remove her stuff to sit, but she refused, claiming they were her seats and no one else could sit there.

Moments later, the Muslim woman started insulting an Orthodox Jewish elderly man that was also sitting nearby.

The black supremacist woman shouted “allahu akbar” and yelled “it’s good they killed Jews in New Jersey, they should have killed all of you”.

Lihi pulled out her phone and the Muslima smacked the phone out of Lihi’s hands and began grabbing and striking at her face.

Lihi fought back, knocked her attacker down and they both found themselves outside of the train as the doors opened.

Dozens of people watched the attack but no one helped Lihi, who was only focused on surviving the attack until she managed to push the emergency button and cops arrived at the scene.

The Muslima was arrested and as the Police were taking the statements, she continued with her anti-Semitic insults.