UK: 2 passersby murdered in stabbing attack on London Bridge – Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated

UK: Stabbing attack on London Bridge - Muslim terrorist shot and eliminated

Two passersby were murdered by a Muslim terrorist in a stabbing attack at London Bridge. The terrorist was shot and eliminated by police officers.

Several people were stabbed by the terrorist before he was grappled to the ground and disarmed by members of the public on London Bridge.

Eye-witnesses said the terrorist appeared to be wearing a suicide vest but the head of the UK counter-terrorism unit said the vest was a fake.

Witnesses on the scene said the terrorist had been brandishing two knives and had attacked people on the north side of London Bridge before running into the center at around 2 pm.

The Met Police has declared the stabbing a terrorist attack.

The attacker has been identified as a Muslim terrorist who was already convicted for Islamic terrorism-related offenses and was released from prison about a year ago after agreeing to wear an electronic tag.

Video from the bridge shows armed police officers at the beginning of the northside of the bridge crouched behind a police car aiming a gun down the bridge.

The video then moves to what appears to be a body on the pavement on the east side of the bridge.

Met Police crime commissioner Cressida Dick praised the members of the public who helped and said counter-terrorism is working around the clock to identify those who have lost their lives and working to understand ‘what has happened and if anyone else was involved’.