Report: Israel’s Mossad assassinated senior Iranian figure in Syria

Report: Israel's Mossad assassinated senior Iranian figure in Syria

The Mossad, Israel’s National Intelligence Agency, assassinated a senior Iranian figure earlier this week in Syria, the Saudi-owned al-Arabiya news channel reports.

Earlier this week, Israeli military correspondents said that the Iranian rocket attack towards the Golan was in response to a “secret event” that occurred the previous day, which Israel, Iran and Syria were all aware of.

Israel bombed dozens of Iranian targets in Syria on Wednesday in response to the rocket fire on the Golan the day before. At least 23 militias were eliminated in the strikes, including 16 Iranian “foreign fighters”.

Syria Israeli fighter jets bomb Iranian terror targets near Damascus (3)

Sources across the political spectrum in Syria acknowledge that Israel essentially wiped out Syrian air defense capabilities in a matter of minutes during the retaliatory strikes.

Israeli military correspondents said that the Israeli strikes in Syria were a clear message to Iran that Israel is not Saudi Arabia, and will respond heavily to any direct or indirect attack on Israeli territory.

Following the attack, Israel banned all civilian flights over the Golan Heights. The IDF intelligence assessment is that Iran or one of its proxies in the northern or southern borders will carry out a retaliatory attack before the weekend.

No special instructions have been issued for residents of the Golan.