Hamas terror group releases video of failed IDF undercover mission in Gaza

Hamas terror group releases video of failed IDF undercover mission in Gaza

Hamas terror group armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam, whose sole mission is to murder Jews, has released a new video marking the first anniversary of the failed IDF undercover mission in Khan Younis.

Speaking at a terror parade in Gaza, Hamas terror group spokesman Abu Obeida called the incident a “point of the sword action.”

The video claims to show the moment Muslim terrorists killed Lieutenant Colonel ‘M’ and seriously wounded another IDF officer and the escape of the undercover forces from the area.

IDF Special Forces entered into Gaza in a civilian vehicle on November 11, as a part of an undercover mission. The force was exposed and an exchange of fire erupted while an Israeli aircraft accompanied the ground forces.

At least seven Muslim terrorists, including a Hamas leader in the Khan Yunis area, were eliminated after a heavy fire exchange. All the eliminated terrorists were part of the Hamas terror group armed wing Izz ad-Din al-Qassam.

Lt. Col. M. was reportedly killed while drawing fire away from his comrades and allowing them to escape.

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Another officer made a charge toward M.’s position to try to save him, and after managing to eliminate three terrorists, reached M.’s vehicle but was badly wounded in the process.


According to various reports and statements from senior officials, Lt. Col. M. sacrificed his life to save his comrades.

In September, he was posthumously awarded the Chief of the General Staff Citation for his actions in battle. In a private ceremony, his widow, children, and parents accepted the award in his stead.