Former Iranian diplomat: Downed drone belongs to Israel

Former Iranian diplomat: Downed drone belongs to Israel

The drone downed by Iranian air defenses over the port of Mahshahr, on the edge of the Persian Gulf Friday morning belongs to Israel, a former Iranian diplomat said to Lebanese Al Mayadeen channel.

“The initial information indicates that it was an Israeli aircraft taking off from Bahrain,” said Amir Musawi. “According to the information we have, the aircraft transmitted information to the Mossad and its purpose was to examine our area and response time”.

The drone’s goal may have been to spy on the Bushehr reactor, but the Iranian military intercepted it shortly after taking off and it was unable to enter deep into Iran, he said.

Earlier on Friday, the US Central Command denied that the drone downed by Iran was an American drone.

“Alleged reports of a US drone being shot down are incorrect. If a UAS had gone down in the CENTCOM AOR it was not a DoD asset. All US equipment has been accounted for,” the Central Command tweeted.