Police release 3 men in connection with horrific rape of 7-year-old Jewish girl

Police release 3 men in connection with horrific rape of 7-year-old Jewish girl

BREAKING: Police released two Muslim terrorists and a Jewish driver who were arrested Tuesday morning for questioning in the horrific rape and kidnapping of a 7-year-old Jewish girl in Binyamin, four months after an indictment against a Muslim child rapist was dropped for lack of evidence.

Two of the men are Muslim workers who were previously questioned in the case, and the third is a Jewish driver, a resident of the city where the girl lives, who regularly drove the Muslims – and who is now being interrogated for the first time.

He was interrogated about several details emerged in the latest round of the investigation.

The two Muslim terrorists were first arrested in August for aiding 46-year-old child rapist Mahmoud Katusa. They were released, but the suspicions against them remained.

In June, Katusa walked out the Ofer Military Prison after  56 days, following an earlier decision by the Military Prosecution to withdraw the charges against him for lack of evidence.


Israel’s military prosecution, which handled the high-profile investigation, released a joint statement with the Israel Police in which it said that there is evidence in the case to show that the girl was sexually assaulted, as well as evidence “pointing at the involvement” of Muslim child rapist Mahmoud Katusa.

However, officials involved in the investigation said that “there isn’t enough evidence to file charges against Katusa.”

The original indictment alleged that he had developed a relationship with the child over an extended period, engaging her in conversation and giving her candy.

One day, the Muslim terrorist took the girl to a house and raped her.

The girl “cried and called for help,” according to the indictment.

Two Muslim terrorists held the little girl down, laughed, mocked her, and told her that she deserved to be raped for being a Jew, while she was raped by Mahmoud Katusa.