German city of Dresden declares: “We have a Nazi problem”

German city of Dresden declares: "We have a Nazi problem"

The Dresden City Council has officially declared a ‘Nazi emergency’ amid fears over the rise of neo-Nazi groups in the eastern German city.

‘We have a Nazi problem in Dresden and have to do something about it,’ said Max Aschenbach, a councilor for Die Partei who initiated the measure.

Dresden’s city council approved a resolution Wednesday night to 39 votes to 29 to pass the motion that declared “anti-democratic, anti-pluralist, misanthropic and right-wing-extremist attitudes and actions, including violence in Dresden, are occurring with increasing frequency, Aschenbach said.

In the approved policy statement, councilors noted that right-wing ideology and violent acts were on the rise in the city.

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Dresden is home to the anti-migrant group PEGIDA and is a stronghold for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which received more than 27.5% of the vote in this year’s state election.

The motion was supported by members of the Left Party, the environmentalist Greens, the center-left Social Democrats, the pro-business Free Democrats, and left-wing satirical party ‘Die Party’.

Chancellor Angela Merkel’s center-right Christian Democrats voted against the motion.

A survey done for ARD public broadcasting last month showed 59% of voting-age Germans believe that anti-Semitism is spreading in their communities.

Compared to 40% in a sampling last year that’s a jump of 19%.

The sampling was made after a 27-year-old German neo-Nazi attempted a massacre in the city of Halle but failed to shoot open the door of a synagogue packed with Jewish worshippers on Yom Kippur.