Betrayed Kurdish allies throw rotten tomatoes at US troops withdrawing from northern Syria

Betrayed Kurdish allies throw rotten tomatoes at US troops withdrawing from northern Syria

Kurds in the city of Qamishli are throwing potatoes and rotten tomatoes at US troops as they are withdrawing from Northern Syria to pave the way for Turkey to invade Kurdish areas, amid fears of another Kurdish genocide.

A video posted by local media shows a convoy of armored vehicles driving through Qamishli. Angry residents hurled potatoes at the vehicles, shouting “No America” and “America liar,” in English.

Turkey and its jihadist proxies in Syria invaded the Kurdish-controlled areas on October 9, after US troops pulled back from the border and started withdrawing from the northeast altogether.

Betrayed by the US, Syria’s Kurds are battling to hold off the invasion as ISIS terrorists escape from Kurdish prisons.

A death toll of more than 400 Kurds, airstrikes, shelling and horrific executions by Turkish soldiers and Turkey-backed Muslim terrorists, deepened fears of a humanitarian crisis and ethnic cleansing of the Kurdish people, who fought alongside US troops in the battle against ISIS.

A senior Kurdish official says his forces are complying with a US-brokered cease-fire and are completing the withdrawal of forces from a long section of the shared border with Turkey.

He said the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces are preparing to complete the withdrawal from the area between Ras al-Ayn and Tal Abyad towns, which flank the 120 kilometers (75 miles) area under the cease-fire. He said the US guarantor, however, has not forced Turkey to stick to the agreement.

Khalil called for an international mechanism to protect Kurdish residents who want to stay in their towns after Kurdish-led fighters leave.

Ras al-Ain is one of two towns on the Turkish-Syrian border that has been the main targets of Turkey’s attack to push back the Kurdish population and create more than 30 km (about 20 miles) deep “safe zone” inside Syria.

Turkish dictator Erdogan has threatened to “crush the heads” of Kurdish fighters in northeastern Syria if they do not withdraw in the time expiring Tuesday.

Horrible videos emerged last week from northern Syria of Turkey-proxy Muslim terrorists executing SDF Kurdish soldiers who fought alongside US troops.

Horrific Turkish-proxy jihadists execute Kurdish troops who fought alongside the US against ISIS

Hervin Khalaf, a female Kurdish politician secretary-general of the Future Syria Party was raped and stoned to death when Turkish soldiers and their Muslim jihadist allies murdered nine civilians in an ambush on the road.

Horrific Female Kurdish politician raped and stoned to death by Turkey-proxy jihadists