Terror Probe: Muslim terrorist who stabbed 5 shoppers in Manchester was a ‘lone wolf’

Terror Probe: Muslim terrorist who stabbed 5 shoppers in Manchester was a 'lone wolf'

A 41-year-old Muslim terrorist has been arrested for terrorism offenses after stabbing five people at Manchester’s Arndale shopping center, sending bystanders running for their lives.

The Muslim terrorist, believed to be a British citizen from Manchester, was neutralized and arrested by two hero unarmed Police community officers.

Greater Manchester Police is treating the terror attack as a “lone wolf” attack.

“It was brutal and extremely frightening for everyone who witnessed it. It’s bound to bring back memories of 2017 (terror attack). We don’t believe anyone else was involved but we are keeping it under review,” Assistant chief constable Russ Jackson said.

Three people were stabbed and taken to hospital after the attack on Friday morning, police said. Two other people were injured, one was treated at the scene and the other later went to the hospital with a superficial wound.

UK Stabbing attack at Manchester mall - 5 shoppers wounded, Muslim terrorist arrested (4)

The Arndale shopping center is just a few hundred yards from the Manchester Arena and Victoria railway station – both of which have been the scene of recent Muslim terror attacks.

22 people were murdered in May 2017 when Muslim terrorist Salman Abedi detonated a suicide bomb in the Manchester Arena following an Ariane Grande concert – the youngest victim was just eight years old.