3 Muslim terrorists arrested in the terror nest of Kobar near Ramallah

BREAKING: The IDF arrested three wanted terrorists during a counter-terrorism operation in the terror nest of Kobar, home of the Barghouti clan of Muslim terrorists, near Ramallah.

According to Arab reports, local residents discovered a recording device hidden inside a fake rock shortly before the arrests.

Three Muslim terrorists who planted an explosive device near the Jewish community of Dolev and murdered 17-year-old Rina Shnerb were arrested last month in the Arab village of Kobar.

Another Muslim terrorist member of the PFLP terror cell was arrested overnight by elite IDF forces, according to Arab reports.

Jihad-fans riot outside hospital where Muslim terrorist who murdered Israeli girl is hospitalized (6)

The leader of the terror cell, 44-year-old Samar Arabid, has been hospitalized at Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem shortly after the interrogation.

According to sources, the Shin Bet received permission from a legal source to use unusual methods in the interrogation, after it received a piece of timely intel that he planted another explosive device.