Syria claims it shot down an Israeli drone over Damascus

Syria claims it shot down an Israeli drone over Damascus during airstrikes

BREAKING: An Israeli drone was shot down over the village of Aqraba in the southern suburbs of Damascus, during alleged Israeli airstrikes on Iranian targets, according to Arab reports.

In August, the IDF eliminated two Hezbollah terrorists from Iran’s extraterritorial terror group al-Quds Forces, who were trying to launch explosive-laden drones at Israel in the same area of Aqraba.

Iranian weapon warehouses and rocket launchers were targeted on Wednesday evening in Syria near the border with Iraq, eliminating five Iran-backed terrorists and injuring at least nine others.

Both Israel and Saudi Arabia have been blamed for the strikes targeting bases belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards terror group, the Lebanese Hezbollah terror group, and other Iraqi pro-Iran terror groups in Albukamal area.

At least 5 Iranian-backed terrorists eliminated in airstrikes near Syria-Iraq border

The attack comes two days after at least 10 Iranian-backed terrorists were eliminated in alleged Israeli strikes on Iranian weapon warehouses near the Iraq-Syria border.

Last month, Israeli fighter jets allegedly targeted several missile depots belonging to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group in Iraq.

In the past, Israel has warned that it can reach Iraq to prevent Iran from stockpiling ballistic missiles in the country.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said last month that Iran has no immunity anywhere and that the IDF “will act — and currently are acting — against them.”