Rockets fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza hit open areas in southern Israel

Rockets fired by Muslim terrorists from Gaza hit open areas in southern Israel

BREAKING: Rockets were fired by Muslim terrorists in southern Gaza towards southern Israel.

Code Red rocket sirens sounded at an IDF base in the Eshkol Regional Council.

Sirens on IDF bases do not trigger Red Alert notifications on apps.

According to Arab reports, three rockets were launched from the Rafah area. One of the rockets hit an open area inside Israeli territory. Two of the rockets exploded inside Gaza near the border.

The IDF said that a rocket fired from Gaza landed inside Gaza.

Half an hour later, another two rockets launched from Rafah fell short and exploded inside Gaza.

An hour later, Muslim terrorists attempted to launch a sixth rocket from northern Gaza.

Arabs report that Hamas had begun evacuating its terror positions ahead of IDF retaliatory strikes.

Earlier today, IDF forces arrested two Muslim terrorists who sabotaged the security border fence and invaded Israel from southern Gaza. The terrorists were armed with knives, a cutter, and arson materials.

On Saturday, a drone launched by Muslim terrorists from Gaza dropped an explosive device on an IDF jeep near the border, damaging the vehicle. No injuries.

Fiver rockets were launched Friday night from Gaza into Israel. In response, Israeli fighter jets and tanks carried out retaliatory strikes targeting Hamas terror infrastructure.

Israeli fighter jets bomb Hamas terror targets in response to rockets attack from Gaza