Lebanon: Israel will face consequences for any attack – Officials: Israel ready for war

Lebanon: Israel will face consequences for any attack - Officials: Israel ready for war

Lebanese President Michel Aoun threatens that strikes by Israel on its territory will not go unanswered.

“Any Israeli attack on Lebanese sovereignty will be met with legitimate self-defense, and Israel will bear the consequences,” Aoun said during a meeting with the UN special envoy to Lebanon, Jan Kubis.

According to the IDF’s assessment, Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group likely to carry out another attack in northern Israel.

Sources said Israeli officials sent a message to Lebanon and Hezbollah that Israel is ready for war over Iran’s efforts to improve and accurate Hezbollah’s missiles.

Hezbollah's attack was a response to Syria strike, not drone attack in Beirut (3)

Earlier this week, the IDF deployed additional air defense systems, including Patriot batteries in northern Israel over concerns that Hezbollah terror group will continue to retaliate to Israeli strikes on Iranian-linked terror targets in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.

Rouhani Iran to develop nuclear centrifuges on Friday

The IDF unveiled satellite imagery of a factory to create precision-guided missiles launched by Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran provided unique machines and training for workers.

The facility located near Nabi Chit in the Bekaa Valley was established several years ago by Iran and Hezbollah for weapons manufacturing and has several machines designed to manufacture the motors and missile warheads for missiles capable of hitting within 10 meters from its target.

Hezbollah terrorists have recently begun removing unique and expensive equipment from the site for fear of an Israeli attack.

Hezbollah terror group fired anti-tank missiles from Lebanon towards IDF positions in northern Israel on Sunday, hitting a military outpost and ambulance. In response, the IDF launched approximately 100 artillery shells at the sources of fire.

No Israelis were hurt in the incident. However, Israel faked soldiers’ injuries. During the event, a helicopter took off from the IDF base in Avivim with two soldiers on board to Rambam hospital, but the two soldiers were released soon after.

The response of Hezbollah was not in response to the Israeli drone strikes in Beirut and the retaliation for the drone attack will come at a later date, according to Arab sources.