Watch – Netanyahu: The man in the bunker in Beirut knows exactly why he is in a bunker

Watch - PM Netanyahu The man in the bunker in Beirut knows exactly why he is in a bunker

“We acted yesterday with determination and responsibility. We maintained the security of our citizens and the safety of our soldiers”, PM and DM Netanyahu said on Monday amid rising tensions with the Iranian-backed Hezbollah terror group.

“The man in the bunker in Beirut knows exactly why he is in a bunker. We will continue to do everything necessary in order to maintain the security of Israel – on land and sea, and in the air, and we will continue to act against the threat of precision-guided missiles,” Netanyahu added.

Earlier on Monday, Hezbollah-affiliated television channel al-Manar released a video showing the launching of anti-tank missiles from Lebanon towards IDF positions in northern Israel on Sunday, hitting a military outpost and ambulance.

The Iranian-backed terror group fired anti-tank missiles towards northern Israel on Sunday, in response to Israeli airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria and a drone attack in the Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah last week. 

The response of Hezbollah was not in response to the Israeli drone strikes in Beirut and the retaliation for the drone attack will come at a later date, the London-based Arabic newspaper Asharq al-Awsat reported, citing a private source.

No Israelis were hurt in the incident. However, Israel faked soldiers’ injuries. During the event, a helicopter took off from the IDF base in Avivim with two soldiers on board to Rambam hospital, but the two soldiers were released soon after.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah spent hours claiming four IDF casualties and Muslim terror fans in southern Lebanon took to the streets to hand out candies and celebrate.