And the Oscar Goes To… the IDF – Israel fakes soldier’s injuries, Hezbollah ‘wins’

And the Oscar Goes To... the IDF - Israel faked soldier's injuries, Hezbollah 'won'

Hezbollah terror group fired at least two anti-tank missiles from Lebanon towards IDF positions in northern Israel, hitting a military outpost and ambulance. In response, the IDF fired at the Hezbollah terror cell responsible for the attack.

No Israelis were injured in the attack.

The IDF has been on extremely high alert this week over concerns that Hezbollah terror group will retaliate following the Israeli airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria and a drone attack in the Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah earlier this week.


The IDF was prepared very well for the best short screenplay in a two-hour war. Following the anti-tank missile attack, Israel faked soldiers’ injuries.

Hezbollah announced that its terror group succeeded in wounding or killing IDF soldiers and Muslim terror fans took to the streets in southern Lebanon to hand out candies and celebrate.

In fact, there were no injuries.