IDF shells southern Lebanon, sets fires to thwart Hezbollah infiltrations

IDF shells southern Lebanon, sets fires to thwart Hezbollah infiltrations

The IDF fired artillery shells towards the Sheeba Farms of Mount Dov, Israel’s northernmost point on the Lebanese border on Sunday.

According to Arab reports, several shells were fired and Israeli drones dropped flammable material causing fires on the Lebanese side of the border near the Sheeba Farms.

IDF tanks open fire on Lebanese border to thwart Hezbollah infiltration.png

The IDF confirmed that the fires in the Mount Dov region were as a result of friendly forces’ operations.

“A short while ago, fires broke out in the Lebanese border area. The fires originate with operations by our forces in the area,” the IDF said.

No injuries reported.

The IDF has been on extremely high alert this week over concerns that Hezbollah terror group will retaliate following the Israeli airstrikes against Iranian-linked targets in Syria and a drone attack in the Beirut stronghold of Hezbollah earlier this week.

Israeli warplanes and helicopters were seen Sunday making their way to the northern border. IDF checkpoints and roadblocks have been put up along many of the roads of the Golan.

Residents in northern Israel posted on social media photos and videos of IDF tanks and military hardware heading toward the northern borders on Saturday morning.  

On Saturday night, Hezbollah terror group leader Hassan Nasrallah said his terror group will attack Israel from Lebanon and will start targeting Israeli drones.