Commander Salami says Iran has tested a new missile

Commander Salami says Iran has tested a new missile

The commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps terror group Hossein Salami told local media that Iran has successfully test-fired a new missile, as tensions between the Islamic regime and the West continue to escalate.

Salami did not elaborate on the type and range of the new missile, but it appears from what he said that the missile was test-fired on Friday.

“Our country is always the arena for testing a variety of defense and strategic systems and these are non-stop moves towards the growth of our deterrent power, and yesterday was one of the successful days for this nation,” commander Salami said.

On Thursday, Iran’s president Rouhani officially revealed an Iran-made air-defense missile system, the Bavar-373.

The announcements come at a time of rising tension between Iran and the United States.

Iran recently started enriching uranium beyond a limit established in a 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers, a deal from which President Trump withdrew. Trump has since intensified economic sanctions on Tehran, and tensions have escalated.

The US sent thousands of additional troops, nuclear-capable B-52 bombers, and advanced fighter jets into the Mideast. Mysterious attacks on oil tankers and Iran shooting down a U.S. military surveillance drone has added to the fears of an armed conflict breaking out.