Jordan summons Israeli envoy over Israeli ‘violations’ on Temple Mount

Jordan summons Israeli envoy over Israeli 'violations' on Temple Mount

Israeli ambassador to Jordan, Amir Weissbrod was summoned to hear the Jordanian foreign ministry’s condemnation of Israeli activity around the Temple Mount.

Earlier Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi met with European Union ambassadors to discuss what he called “Israel’s violations of Holy Sites in occupied Jerusalem. These violations and others seeking to change the status quo in Holy Sites violate international law, deepen tensions”.

The ‘violations’ include the elimination of two Muslim terrorists who stabbed a police officer and riot dispersal means to quell crowds of Muslim terrorists who were rioting to thwart Jewish visitors from entering the Temple during Tisha B’Av.

Security forces overnight confiscated equipment brought by Muslims into the Temple Mount’s Mercy Gate in order to transform the historic site into a Mosque.

Mercy Gate is a large structure on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount that was closed several years ago based on a court order because the group running the historic site was found to have ties to Hamas.

In February, PM Netanyahu instructed authorities to close Mercy Gate and stop its renovations to transform the site into a mosque. In March it was revealed that the Jordanian Waqf, which manages the site, rejected the Israeli court order and the construction continued.