5 armed Muslim terrorists eliminated after attempting to invade Israel from Gaza

BREAKING: The IDF foiled a major attack by Muslim terrorists from Gaza who attempted to invade Israeli in order to murder Jews.

IDF troops opened fire and eliminated five Muslim terrorists, after an IDF field observer identified five suspicious figures approaching the fence from northern Gaza towards Israel, with at least one of them armed.


According to initial reports, the terrorists belonged to the Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad’s Quds Brigades, whose sole mission is to murder Israelis.

According to sources, this was an extremely serious, combined Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror attack and will likely result in a response.

Additional details of the attack are under a gag order.

The cities of Sderot, Beer Sheva, Omer, Ofakim, Ashkelon and Ashdod opened public bomb shelters on Saturday night, as tensions escalate in southern Israel.

In addition, MDA and emergency services raised their alert level in southern Israel.

Three rockets were fired Saturday night by Muslim terrorists in Gaza towards southern Israel. Two rockets were intercepted by Iron Dome missile defense system.

Metal shrapnel landed in the yard of a home in the town of Sderot, causing damage. Shrapnel also landed inside a community in the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council.

This is the second consecutive night that rockets have been fired from Gaza at Israeli civilians.

Israeli fighter jets carried out retaliatory strikes targeting Hamas terror infrastructure in northern and central Gaza on Friday night, after a rocket launched by Muslim terrorists towards southern Israel was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.