Security Minister: Don’t Release Rock Terrorists


Erdan responds to murder in capital by demanding terrorists not be given bail or community service after hurling rocks.

“A day before Alexander Leblovitz z”l was murdered in a rock attack in Jerusalem, my initiative was published to present the statistics about the judges who are particularly lenient with rock and firebomb throwers to the members of the committee to select judges. I didn’t do that by chance,” wrote Erdan on Facebook.

“As Internal Security Minister I won’t allow this murderous phenomenon to continue,” he emphasized. “Rock throwers are murderers to all intents and purposes – I don’t need to remind about Adelle Biton z”l again, do I? – and they cannot be released on bail or with public service. We won’t achieve deterrencethis way!”

According to Erdan, there is only a negligible chance that rock-throwing terrorists will find themselves behind bars for many long years for their crimes, which is a situation he deplored.

“This is an intolerable situation and if in order to change it I need now to face criticism from the Left, I’m ready to pay the price.”