On Tisha Be’Av: Violent Muslim riots broke out on Temple Mount

Violent Muslim riots broke out on the Temple Mount after the Muslim morning prayers ended. Muslim terror fans called on all those present to remain in the compound to thwart any Jewish attempt at entering the Temple.

Security forces responded with tear gas grenades to quell the rioters.

Despite the ban on members of the Knesset entering the Temple Mount, Arab MK Ahmed Tibi has made his appearance. He was reportedly injured by tear gas during the riots.

Arab medics say at least 14 Muslim rioters were wounded, one seriously, during the riots.

Police said at least four officers were wounded, while witnesses reported that at least two Muslim rioters were arrested.

The Israel Police decided to prohibit the entrance of Jews to the Temple Mount for Tisha Be’av, as thousands gather at the gates waiting to ascend and Muslims hang terror banners to celebrate Eid al-Adha “festival of the animal sacrifices.”

This year, the Jewish fast day of Tisha Be’Av coincides with the beginning of the Muslim Eid al-Adha, in which thousands of sheep, goats, and cows are slaughtered to celebrate.

Muslims changed prayer times to coincide with Jewish visiting times on the Temple Mount as a provocation.

On Tisha Be'av Police close Temple Mount to Jewish visitors as Muslims hang terror banners (2)

In addition, Muslim terror fans hung threatening banners with pictures of a Hamas terrorist and Muslim Brotherhood’s former leader Mohamed Morsi saying: “Our soul yearns for the Temple.”

After hours of closure and violent Muslim riots, the police opened the gates of the Temple Mount to Jews.

The Temple Mount is currently open to small groups of Jews at a time.