Iran unveils precision-guided missiles, threatens ‘mother of all wars’

Iran unveils precision-guided missiles, threatens 'mother of all wars'

Iran unveiled three new precision-guided missiles on Tuesday as President Rouhani threatens with ‘mother of all wars’ with the United States and praises Foreign Minister Zarif for the sanctions imposed on him by the Trump administration.

In addition, Rouhani threatened once again that shipping might not be safe in the Strait of Hormuz.

“A strait for a strait. It can’t be that the Strait of Hormuz is free for you and the Strait of Gibraltar is not free for us,” Rouhani said.

On Sunday, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group seized another foreign vessel in the Persian Gulf and kidnapped its seven crew members.

Germany will not join the US-led naval mission in the Gulf to combat Iranian attacks

Defense Minister Brigadier-General Amir Hatami said that Iran ‘will not hesitate for a moment to defend itself’ as he viewed three new air-to-air missiles in front of TV cameras.

Among the new weapons unveiled by Tehran was a guided missile dubbed Yasin, which has folding wings and is designed to be fired from a drone.

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Another newly-developed weapon was the Balaban, which Iran said could be fired from an aircraft before being guided to its target using GPS and other sensors.

Finally, the defense ministry unveiled an updated version of the heat-seeking Ghaem missile, which is also designed as an air-to-air weapon.

Iran recently started enriching uranium beyond a limit established in a 2015 nuclear agreement with world powers, a deal from which President Trump withdrew. Trump has since intensified economic sanctions on Tehran, tensions have escalated and oil tankers have been seized by Iran or targeted by Iranian-backed terrorists.