Germany will not join US-led naval mission in the Gulf to combat Iranian attacks

Germany will not join the US-led naval mission in the Gulf to combat Iranian attacks

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Monday said that NATO ally Germany would not join a US-led naval mission to safeguard the Strait of Hormuz from Iranian attacks.

“At the moment the Britons would rather join an American mission. We won’t do that,” Maas told reporters.

“We want a European mission,” he said, adding that the issue was not off the agenda but it would take time to convince the European Union to carry out such a mission.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group seized another foreign vessel in the Persian Gulf and kidnapped its seven crew members. This would mark the third commercial vessel seized by Iran in recent weeks.


Tensions have soared in the Gulf in recent months as the US has boosted its military presence and oil tankers have been seized by Iran or targeted by Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists.

A Royal Navy warship arrived last week in the Persian Gulf to accompany British-flagged ships passing through the Strait of Hormuz.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards terror group has released audio and video of its naval unit threatening a British Royal Navy warship to stay out of their way, during the capture of the UK-flagged oil tanker and the kidnapping of its crew.