Report: Israeli F-35 bombed Iranian missile shipments in Iraq this month

Report: Israeli F-35 bombed Iranian missile shipments in Iraq this month

The London based Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper reports Israel has expanded the scope of its Iranian targets in Iraq and Syria, amid reports of airstrikes earlier this month against ballistic missile shipments that have recently arrived in Iraq.

The July 19 attack was carried out by an Israeli F-35 fighter jet, western diplomatic sources told Asharq Al-Awsat.

Iranian missile warehouse in Iraq reportedly targeted by airstrikes

On Sunday, the Ashraf base in Iraq, a former base used by the Iranian opposition People’s Mujahedin of Iran, was targeted by an air raid, said sources.

The base lies 80 kilometers from the border with Iran and 40 kilometers northeast of Baghdad.

The sources revealed that the strikes targeted Iranian “advisors” and a ballistic missile shipment that had recently arrived from Iran to Iraq.

Last week, Syria’s Tal al-Hara was struck by Israeli jets.

Syria Israeli fighter jets bombed Iranian, Hezbollah positions on the Golan Heights (2)

The diplomatic sources said the attack targeted Iran’s attempt to seize control of the strategic hill, located in Daraa countryside in southern Syria.

Earlier this week, Iran test-fired its medium-range ballistic missile Shabaab-3, amid escalating tensions with the US and UK in the Gulf.

The Shahab-3 missile traveled 1,000km but did not pose a threat to shipping or US bases, according to a Pentagon official. According to the US official, the intelligence assessment is its part of Iran’s efforts to improve the range and accuracy.

Amid these developments, PM Netanyahu announced Sunday that Israel’s US-backed Arrow-3 ballistic missile shield had passed a series of live interception tests over Alaska, casting the achievement as a warning to Iran.

Jointly manufactured by Boeing Co, Arrow-3 is capable of destroying missiles in space, an altitude that would destroy any non-conventional warheads safely. Arrow 3 is developed mainly against Iranian Shabaab-3 missile.

“Today Israel has the capabilities to act against ballistic missiles launched at us from Iran and from anywhere else,” Netanyahu said. “All our foes should know that we can best them, both defensively and offensively.”