Mexico: 2 Israelis murdered in restaurant shooting

BREAKING: Two Israelis have been shot dead by a woman at a restaurant in Mexico City.

The police have arrested a 33-year-old woman identified as Esperanza Gutiérrez Rojano. According to local reports, she was wearing a wig during the attack.

Another two men suspects reportedly escaped and were arrested shortly afterward.

According to initial reports, the two Israelis were sitting at their table, and two of the attackers were also sitting in the restaurant. At some point, a man and the woman went over the table and shot both victims.

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The Mexican Internal Security Minister said one of the victims died on the scene and the other died later in hospital.

The woman told police she had killed her partner because she suspected he was unfaithful to her. The police, however, are investigating the possibility that the murder was part of a settling of scores between criminals.

The victims were identified as Ben Schoti from Tel-Aviv, and Alon Azulay from Bat Yam. Azulay was a well-known criminal who’d spent many years in Israeli prison. They had a temporary visa and had work permits in Mexico.

One of the victims was the partner of Erez Akrisheuski, a convicted felon who had escaped prison 18 years ago and had lived in Mexico under the assumed identity of Ricardo Lopez. He was captured in Cancun earlier this week in a joint operation of local and Israeli police.

Akrisheuski was turned over to Israeli authorities and deported to Israel.


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