Muslim terrorist who murdered IDF’s elite Duvdevan soldier sentenced to life in prison

The Muslim terrorist who murdered Staff Sgt. Ronen Lubarsky by dropping a marble slab on his head during a counter-terrorism operation in Ramallah was sentenced to life in prison.

Vladimir Lubarsky, the father of Ronen, said this morning that the sentence is a “disgrace and shame for Israeli law.”

“We are continuing to demand the death penalty, the demolition of homes, large monetary fines, and a worsening of conditions in the jails because only that will solve the problem of terrorism,” his brother, Arik, said.

Duvdevan soldier Ronen Lubarsky died from critical injuries he sustained during a counter-terrorism operation in al-Amari when 32-year-old Muslim terrorist Islam Yusuf Hamid threw a marble block at him from the third floor of a building.

Though he was wearing full protective gear at the time of the attack, the impact of the slab shattered his helmet and caused a severe blow to his head.

After fighting for his life for two days, the 20-year-old soldier eventually succumbed to his injuries.


The terrorist, a resident of the al-Amari neighborhood near Ramallah, was arrested in July. Soldiers from the IDF’s elite Duvdevan unit raided the neighborhood and pulled the Muslim terrorist who murdered their friend, out of bed.

IDFs-elite-Duvdevan-soldiers-pulled-Muslim-terrorist-who-murdered-their-friend-out-of-bed-3 (1).jpg

In December, following a Supreme Court’s decision, the IDF demolished his home. The IDF blew up the four-story building where the terrorist and his family lived in the al-Amari neighborhood of Ramallah. Soldiers from the Duvdevan unit also participated in the demolition.


Duvdevan is an elite special forces unit which carries out the largest number of anti-terrorism operations in Judea and Samaria.

Ronen’s death brings the amount of fallen Duvdevan soldiers to 18 since the unit was established in 1986. Most of the fallen soldiers were killed in training accidents or as a result of friendly fire during an operation – none of them were killed by enemy fire.